Architectural & Design Research Lab. by Pierre-Maxence Renoult, Andrea Stanghini & Veronica Van Der Horst
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NVMBR @ Pecha Kucha

Some stories from NVMBR at Mundaneum (Mons) for Pecha Kucha Night.Thanks to Antoine Servais, Svetlana Neva, Ruben Casad (the super organizers) & all the participants, it was a nice event, see you soon ;)

We got published in CityVision magazine #6

All the project has been design using parametric tools, which enabled us to create both a complex model of representation in 3D and to generate manufacturing datas. All informations concerning the relationship existing between the elements and their dimensions are generated by the algorithm.

Thanks to failure

2 italian architects and 1 french engineer&architect in Provence (south of France), designing during almost one week an inflatable pavillon for the City Vision Competition. We did not win any award BUT:
_We lived in our temporary studio lent by our friends in Le Panier (Marseille)
_We ate principaly real japanese food: ラーメン rāmen, おにぎり /御握り onigiri or たこ焼き takoyaki made with love by Vinciane
_We danced till death at Le Son des Guitares
_We smoked a little bit of weed to get inspired took great photos on the roof of Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse

In fact, we really had a great time and a lot of fun, so thank you cityvision, thank you Marseille, congratulations to the winners (there are some really beautiful projets) & obviously thanks to Andrea, Veronica and Pierre-Maxence (Ourselves).